A‑R Products Now Part of Reynolds Advanced Materials

Santa Fe Springs, CA: A‑R Products is pleased to announce that, after almost 60 years, we have sold our business to Reynolds Advanced Materials in North Hollywood effective March 20, 2018.

Al Villaneda, Ambrosio Garcia and Chuck Reese sincerely thank for your patronage and friendship over the years and we hope that we have made a difference in your business. Going forward, Ambrosio is joining the Reynolds team in their customer service department and will remain available to support you.

Reynolds Advanced Materials is part of Smooth‑On, Inc. and has 11 locations across the USA. They have agreed to extend the same payment terms that you currently enjoy with A‑R and will strive to earn your trust with inventory, customer service and technical support. Their showroom has world-class display pieces, molds, castings and more. It is a destination for hundreds of people every week with varying material interests and we encourage you to visit them.

If you have questions, please call 818-358-6000 or 800-348-4349. Fax at: 818-358-6004.

To shop online please visit www.reynoldsam.com